Pete Hegseth: Meet Bishop Garrison, the Pentagon’s 'newly minted MAGA purge man'

A purge of the Defense Department led by a "new and now powerful radical leftist" is underway, Hegseth says

"FOX News Primetime" host Pete Hegseth explained Thursday how the Pentagon plans to "redefine extremism" with its appointment of Bishop Garrison as senior adviser to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

HEGSETH: This is not the "woke" military stuff you have been hearing about. This is not extremism stand down or a social justice reading list or even a foolish CIA recruitment video we have all seen by now. This is worse. This is way worse. This, my friends, is a purge. A purge of the Defense Department led by a new and now powerful radical leftist. A 1619 project activist, a hard core social justice Democrat. A man who believes all, all Trump supporters are racist and extremists. And what must we do to racists? We must define them and then we must purge them. 

So who is the Pentagon's newly minted MAGA purge man? Well, meet Bishop Garrison, the new senior adviser to the Secretary of Defense. His portfolio is diversity, equity and inclusion. But his purview is much wider. Never heard of him? Me neither. They like it that way. Bishop Garrison has been at the job at the Pentagon for four months now hired in the wake of the events of January 6th. The ongoing and ultimate justification. They sent 25,000 troops to the Capitol, built a wall around it, and now the rest begins. According to an official Defense Department memo signed on April 9th, less than a month ago by the Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin himself, Bishop Garrison is now in charge of countering extremism working group.