Staring Down Cancer: The luck of the Irish continues

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Noreen has done it again. After 7 chemos, and 3 hormone therapies, and 15 years, Noreen experienced a painful, lengthy setback.

For the last 4 months she has been in and out of the hospital, fighting one setback after another, accompanied by excruciating‎ pain in her back, ribs and gallbladder; and ending with a fall when trying to walk, (without waking me to assist her) to the bathroom. She fractured her tailbone and had pain coming from everywhere.

A wonderful pain management specialist, Dr. Christine Lee has entered Noreen's life, and her pain has become manageable.

Spine doctor Dr. Sang Kim determined Noreen's tailbone fracture was not caused by her cancer. She was prescribed progesterone, and after 10 radiation‎ treatments to her back, something started to work. She underwent a blood transfusion and painful Neupogen injections (which stimulate white blood cell growth), and suddenly her markers went down.

Miraculously, Noreen has bounced back.

Pain will remain a part of her life (but will be managed well). I got rid of the wheelchair, and bought her a neat walker -- and she is rounding-into her old self. This is proven by the fact that last night she cleaned the kitchen while I slept. And when Noreen cleans, look out!

‎Tonight I am taking this wonderful woman out to dinner. Wow!

I love this courageous‎ wife of mine.


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