Woman hits back after Facebook removes breast cancer awareness photo

A terminally ill woman who posted a photo of her nipple to warn about lesser-known breast cancer symptoms is speaking out after Facebook removed her photo.

Rowena Kincaid, 40, shared the photo with her 10,000 followers and explained that the rash pictured is not a well known symptom of the disease, The Sun reported. The photo accumulated more than 72,000 views within the first two hours of being posted.

Kincaid, who lives in Wales, said she was told the photo violated the site’s anti-nudity policy.

“[They don’t] see what the reason behind it is,” Kincaid wrote, according to The Sun. “It’s just automatic. [They] don’t see that the picture I posted earlier may actually save lives.”

In response, Kincaid posted an edited version of the photo in which she had drawn an smiley over the nipple.

Hey my Bucketeers! I will be given news in the first week of Feb, for the transmission date & time of my programme! So...

Posted by Rowena Kincaid: Before I Kick The Bucket on Saturday, January 23, 2016

“What you are looking at is a rash on the chest around an imaginary nipple, [and] in my case it is definitely cancer,” she posted with the new photo, The Sun reported.

Kincaid was featured in a 2009 documentary titled “Before I Kick the Bucket.” In 2013 doctors gave her six months to live, but she has defied the odds and continues to update her followers on her Facebook page, which is named after the documentary.

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