Not Tonight, Honey: Women Choose Internet Over Sex

Both men and women agree that the Internet and sleep are two of three things they could not live without for one month, but disagreed on the third item on the list with women opting for showers and men choosing sex.

New research conducted by Women at NBCU revealed that women are becoming increasingly more passionate about the Internet and their tech gadgets.

In fact, about 54 percent of women own smartphones compared with 46 percent of men.

Women also tend to have more friends on social networking sites and follow more brands, and check their profiles about four or five times a day.

Meanwhile, females are also becoming more interested in gaming. Although men have traditionally dominated the gaming world, a whopping 75 percent of women with smartphones own a gaming app compared with 67 percent of men.

Gaming popularity among women doesn’t stop at smartphone apps, either: more women than men own Nintendo Wii systems, the report said.

The rapid adoption of digital technology by women has been a game changer when it comes to the shopping industry. For example, more “flash sales” have been popping up in retail, as 87 percent of women prefer a one-day deep discount to a moderate weeklong sale.

This story was provided by TechNewsDaily, a sister site to LiveScience.

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