The thigh truly reigned supreme in 2016. From models clapping back at body shamers in an anti-thigh gap photoshoot to countless celebrities like Ariana Grande, rocking sick thigh-high boots, the upper leg certainly got a lot of attention last year. Now, it's about to get even more notice thanks to an unusual beauty trend that involves painting a face full of makeup on the swath of skin right above your knees.

While it doesn't have an official name yet, it's not hard to spot the trend if you do a simple search for #thighmakeup or #thighface on Instagram. But make no mistake, these beauty lovers aren't just simply swatching eyeshadow on their legs or testing a new lip color. These masterpieces incorporate full brows, lids, lips, and even contouring. One beauty guru, who goes by the name privarelaxo on Instagram, took her thigh makeup a step further by gluing on a pair of fake lashes to her leg and giving her thigh face some cheekbones.

Though a lot of these thigh makeup posts are from 2016, many are predicting that this might very well become a full blown trend in 2017. Consider it a way to perfect all those beauty techniques you learn from makeup tutorials without even having to look in the mirror. Remember when you used to scribble on your legs when you were bored in study hall? It's basically that, but way more glamorous.

Next time you want to practice drawing with liquid eyeliner or blending out a jewel-toned lid, try it on your thigh before your eye.

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