China's Hairiest Man Will Undergo Surgery to Improve Looks

China's hairiest man is set to undergo surgery in the hopes of improving his looks and gaining international movie stardom.

Yu Zhenghuan suffers a hormonal imbalance which causes thick black hair to cover 96 percent of his body.

Last year he was turned down for the lead role in a major Chinese TV show. Producers only gave Yu a small supporting role because he wasn't handsome enough.

After the experience, the aspiring actor announced he was going to have plastic surgery to better his chances of getting bigger acting jobs.

Yu is planning to have surgery to slim down his nose, and to stop so much hair growing on his face.

He also plans to have an operation to stop hair growing out of his ears and nose — which causes him difficulty breathing and hearing.

He is preparing for the operation at the Military Guangxi General Hospital in Nanning, capital of southern China's Guangxi province.

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