Young Sheldon Episode 12 recap: The family's first computer almost tears it apart

On “Young Sheldon” the boy genius’ propensity to covet big-ticket items at Radio Shack ends up causing a big rift between his parents over their finances in the latest episode of the hit CBS sitcom.

The episode opens with Sheldon experimenting with all the “snazzy” things he can do on the display computer at Radio Shack. When his mom comes to pick him up, he guilts her into thinking about buying him the device. However, George Sr. is quick to let her know that they simply can’t afford it - especially since he deems it unnecessary.

His bad mood gets worse when Mary suggests he cut back on how much beer he buys after turning down an offer of financial help from Meemaw. He initially suggested that Sheldon follow in his footsteps and mow lawns if he wants to buy something. Mary, however, has different plans. After getting a compliment from her son in his sleep, she’s thinking about using some of the money she’s save up in secret for a computer for Sheldon.

This rubs George Sr. the wrong way as he can’t wrap his head around the idea that Mary has secret money.

“So let me get this straight, my money is our money and your money is your money?”

Things escalate the next morning when George Sr. comes home with two cases of beer that he says he bought with “his money.” This makes Mary so furious that she tells Missy and Sheldon to pack a bag so that they can stay across the street at Meemaw’s house for a little while. The dramatic gesture means that she’s backed herself into a corner and is now forced to buy Sheldon the computer.

In speaking with her mother, she suggests that the reason George is upset is because he doesn’t like her having financial independence from him. George, however, is just upset that he’s being taken for granted.

The following day, Mary purchases Sheldon the computer, but all he can think to use it for is to figure out a way to get his parents to stop fighting and make up. Meemaw overhears his interactions with a problem-solving program called ELIZA and tells Mary that even the kids have picked up on her marital struggles. After some convincing, she makes her way across the street.

To her surprise, she bumps into George, who was coming over to bury the hatchet himself. The couple decides to take a walk and all three of their children see them holding hands and getting back together. Just like that, the Coopers are the proud owners of a new personal computer and Mary and George’s marriage has never been stronger.