She might have the most famous face -- and figure -- in the world, but Gisele Bundchen may want to keep both off the streets of Boston for the next little bit.

The Brazilian supermodel got New England's collective undies in a bundchen following Sunday’s Super Bowl when she blamed her quarterback husband Tom Brady’s receivers for the Patriots' loss, proclaiming Brady “cannot f***ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.”

Boston football fans and sports media all piled on the statuesque stunner, and now some are wondering how -- or if -- she can mend fences with her husband's town and teammates.

"A team wins together, and loses together, period. Her unsportsmanlike behavior towards her husband’s teammates will most definitely take time to mend,” publicist and sports blogger Angie Meyer told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “Her words were also destructive to the Patriots organization, their players, and the New England fans. The Patriots front office should bar her completely from discussing the [team] in the media – and her comments will consistently weigh on the fans each time the media catches glimpse of her sitting comfortably in the team's suite during game time."

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So should Brady quietly ban his beauty from future games in order to protect his own image and standing with his teammates? After all, said teammates are rumored to be pretty upset over Mrs. Brady’s blast.

"Gisele must keep away from the locker room and refrain from any statements to the media regarding Tom and/or the Patriots, in order to preserve the relationships between her husband and his teammates,” Meyer advised.

It wouldn’t be the first in athlete/celeb relationship to be frowned on by fans and teammates. Back in 2007, a movement spread like wildfire across the Internet to ban Jessica Simpson, who was dating quarterback Tony Romo, from attending Dallas Cowboys games. The quasi-satirical “motion” was instigated following reports that Romo played much worse when Simpson was in the stands cheering him on. Even Romo’s then teammate Terrell Owens warned Simpson to “stay away.”

Kate Hudson too was ripped to shreds during her romance with Alex Rodriguez in 2009, with numerous reports suggesting that some Yankees players found her presence and the associated media mayhem “distracting.”

And according to some, Brady’s game hasn’t been as impressive since Bundchen entered the equation five years ago. He has lost both Super Bowls he played in since taking up with her, after winning his first three. Some have taken to calling her Brady's Yoko Ono, referring to John Lennon's wife, who many blamed for breaking up The Beatles.

So is Bundchen's image forever tarnished in the eyes of the Patriots and their fans?

“Gisele needs to just apologize, keep it short and sweet and genuine. Patriot fans are very emotional and die-hard, so they would hopefully appreciate that,” noted one New York-based sports insider. “She needs to apologize and stay out of the public eye for a bit. It wasn’t wrong to have an opinion or want to stick up for her husband, but do it in private not in front of the cameras.  She’s not a coach, player or analyst, and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t a football fan until she met her husband either. She made his loss that much worse.”

But crisis management expert Jason Maloni of Levick Communications argued that Bundchen doesn’t need to go into PR overdrive, as the controversy will simmer down on its own. "A certain amount of this frustration from Boston fans is misdirected anger over the Super Bowl loss that will dissipate over the off season. Gisele doesn't need to burnish her image with a fluffy statement written by her handlers and delivered now while feelings are still raw,” he explained. “Instead, actions speak louder than words and the best action is ... no action. Including no more comments on football matters.”

Comcast SportsNet TV reporter Lindsay McCormick said Bundchen’s words might even earn her a few extra admirers. “I'm sure after Gisele's recent comments the other players' wives have another reason to dislike her, but the reason all of her fans love her is because she speaks her mind. She doesn't appear to be the type who cares what anyone else thinks and it has worked for her,” she said. “Her carefree attitude and talent as a model makes her more money than Brady himself. The comments she made after the game weren't intended for the media anyway, they were out of frustration and support for her husband and she was getting on the elevator being heckled by fans.”

As for next season, Maloni advises the fashionista to continue coming to games, while doing what she does best.

“It might be wise for her to spurn the haute couture and proudly wear some domestic labels ... like a Patriots jersey,” he said.

A rep for Bundchen declined to comment.