Why St. Vincent wore bikini shirt on Guitar World cover

Singer-songwriter St. Vincent (real name Annie Clark) surprised Guitar World magazine with the outfit she chose to wear on the cover of its 2017 Preview Issue.

“I did a quick Google search of women on the cover, and all I really saw was girls in bikinis holding guitars like they’ve never held a guitar before,” Clark told the magazine.

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That’s because the venerable axe mag had for years published an annual Guitar Issue that always featured bikini clad women in provocative poses holding or leaning against or just standing in the general vicinity of electric guitars.

“I started thinking about that and just wanted to make my own absurdist comment on it. I couldn’t really let it slide without poking a bit of fun and taking the piss a little!”

Clark, 34, grew up in Dallas, and is the niece of guitarist Tuck Andress of the husband and wife jazz duo Tuck & Patti. Clark has released five albums as St. Vincent, with her 2014 self-titled effort winning the Grammy for Best Alternative Album.