What has Kate Bosworth been up to?

Kate Bosworth has come a long way since her bikini days in “Blue Crush,” but the actress revealed to FOX411 the surfing flick still holds a special place in her heart.

“I loved making that movie,” she gushed. “It was one that I really had to fight hard to be hired for. I had a real affinity with that character and I truly loved to play her. I never surfed in my life but I really understood what it felt like to want to change your dream and to make that a reality.”

The 32-year-old actress made her own dreams a reality as she deferred her admission to Princeton to pursue acting; however that doesn’t necessarily mean she is ruling education out.

“I really love learning, I’m an avid reader so I’m constantly challenging myself in that respect,” she said. “I could see myself going back to school. My mom went back to college later in life, and was so fulfilled, so it’s not something [that is] too far a thought for me. I think you have to think about the timing really.”

Lately Bosworth has been stunning on red carpets and posting trendy Instagram photos. She said she feels very connected to the fashion industry.

“My father was in retail and his father was in retail so I think that’s a huge part of why the fashion industry speaks so deeply to me. It’s in my blood for a few generations,” she revealed.  “I have a real appreciation for it. It’s more than just admiring a pretty dress I wear for an evening, its being close with a lot of the best designers working today and understanding their process and the painstaking process they endure.”

She also revealed if the timing was right she would make her mark in the fashion world.

“I think it would really have to be about timing and meeting the right partner and understanding what it is I actually want to make that I felt could connect with people. I’m always inspired so it could really run the gambit. I am open to any type of collaborative or artistic experience.”

Bosworth is keeping busy these days as she prepares for the premiere of Crackle’s “The Art of More” on November 19. She is also currently shooting a miniseries in London for BBC.