Voice of Tommy Pickles, 'Smelly Cat singer E.G. Daily: My voiceover career was 'a fluke'

E.G. Daily is a Hollywood veteran. From her breakout role as “Dotty” 30 years ago in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” to her voice work in cartoons like “Rug Rats” and “Power Puff Girls” she has seen success on and off the screen.

FOX411: How did you get your start in voiceover work?
E.G. Daily: I started doing voiceover on a fluke. I did a play where I had to do different age ranges for the character and someone handed me their card and said, “You should do voices.” I said, “OK! Here we go.” And the very first audition I went out for was a little boy character and I had been doing this voice since I was a little girl and I thought the voice I did since I was a little girl might fit this character, and what happened was ‘Tommy Pickles’ was born that day based on a voice I did my whole life which was really cool.

FOX411: What is the process like to create a character’s voice?
Daily: I usually look at an image or claymation. Usually what I do is the first voice that comes out of my mouth and I base it on my character’s lips, tongue, and cheeks and eyes; the eyes might be furrowed. So I go with my first instinct based on the image and usually that’s the right one.

FOX411: You have kids. Have they seen “Pee Wee Big Adventure?”
Daily: Yes, they have seen it. They have seen it many different times when they were babies and then teens and now they’re a bit closer to bigger teens but they grew up with all the voices and all the characters. It’s sort of like no big deal to them. To their friends I was like the cool ‘Tommy Pickles’ mom. All of their friends would come to our house so it was pretty fun.

FOX411: Can you recall a favorite memory from “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” movie set?
Daily: It’s a scene where he’s having a big conference about him having to find his bike and this whole lecture, and we were all sitting there for hours. At times they would blow this big blower thing at us. I remember when I showed up on the set and the kitchen. I remember how he (Pee Wee) prepared his cereal and it went through these little tubes and coils. I remember thinking I want one of those in my kitchen. It brought out the kid in us.

FOX411: In addition to your voice work, you’re a singer. You appeared on “The Voice,” have had hit singles. What’s next for your music career?
Daily: I have new music all of the time. I have music on iTunes. I have a music conference on Amazon. I am going to be headlining the Whiskey a Go -Go on the Sunset Strip in LA just for iconic sake and fun. If people are interested they should get tickets now because it will be sold out. I just keep writing. I’m doing a whole new album now with Michael Jay. I had this song from the “Summer School” soundtrack “Mind Over Matter,” which was a big dance hit in the ‘80s.

FOX411: Mark Harmon from “NCIS” who starred in “Summer School” was featured in your video. Did you get to meet Mark? Do you still keep in touch?
Daily: He’s super fun. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him but we crossed paths. I see him around. I haven’t seen him so much lately but yes it’s a pretty small town here in this Hollyweird town.

FOX411: When you’re performing do you perform the ‘Friends’ hit “Smelly Cat?”
Daily: We are going to do a small teaser of it at my show. So, yes we’ll do some funny stuff. It’s going to be a really funny show.