In “Spelling It Like It Is,” Tori Spelling holds nothing back. The former “Beverly Hills 90210” star opens up about her high-risk fourth pregnancy, marital conflicts and financial fiascos. The self-deprecating 40-year-old star opened up to FOX411 about money, her mom Candy and being a Spelling.

FOX411: We think most people would be shocked to read that you had money problems.
Tori Spelling: That was a very conscious choice to put that in because I feel people, in general, think celebrities have it all… there's never any trouble, especially financially and especially in my case coming from the family I come from. There is a preconceived notion of what we have. I wasn't writing it to say, “poor me.” I was just writing it to say, “You know what? We make bad choices too.” I made some bad real estate choices and kind of us got us in a hole for a while. I thought the story was an important one to tell.

FOX411: We were also surprised to read that you borrowed money from your mom for a down payment.
Spelling: I've worked for every penny. I have since I was 16. That was a hard thing to do.

FOX411: [It’s surprising you had to borrow it.] Your mom is worth a zillion dollars.
Spelling: I don't know any different. I would never think she should just give it... I guess every [family] dynamic is different.

FOX411: It sounds like your relationship with your mom is still tentative.
Spelling: There was so much written in the press, it blew everything out of proportion in our relationship that it kind of took on a life of its own. It was a hard thing to get past. It was a lot to put on a relationship that was a delicate relationship. Yeah it's not perfect. We have ups and downs. It’s a typical mother-daughter relationship. We work on it.

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FOX411: You really went through a difficult time while being pregnant for the fourth time.
Spelling: That was a really difficult situation. I really wanted to share it because when I was going through it, it wasn't something I felt I could share with the public. I wanted desperately to connect with other women on the issue and I would go online all the time when I was in the hospital and I would see other moms going through the same experience. When everything was clear and Finn was born healthy, I just wanted to share the story. It was a really tough time for us and in my life.

FOX411: You were unceremoniously dumped by the Oxygen network.
Spelling: (Laughs) Yes. I had a great experience with my network. It had become an extension of my family, and I was hurt. At the end of the day it was like, “Wow, this is a hard lesson for me to learn because it's just business.” They didn't do anything wrong. They had to do what they thought was right for their network. On a personal level, being on a reality show is so personal. It's your life so that's why you kind of take it to a different level.

FOX411: You write that you were always sort of embarrassed of calling yourself Tori Spelling but now you own it.
Spelling: All my books have Tori in the title and this one has Spelling in it. I felt like in my mind I always had to apologize because of the labels people put on me and misconceptions. The word nepotism, I felt like half my life that was my middle name and then sometimes my first. It was a really hard thing to get past. I would say, “Hi, I'm Tori Spelling,” and kind of look down and now I'm owning it because I am following in my father's footsteps.

FOX411: How do you cope with [having] four little kids?
Spelling: I'm not going to lie. It's overwhelming. There are days where I'm like, “Gosh can I do this?” Liam and Stella are so great with the little ones, Dean's amazing and we get it done but there are days where it's really hard.

FOX411: Ever cried at the end of the day?
Spelling: Totally. I had a moment where I was just trying to make everything work and I ran with a coffee and I spilled it and started crying. Dean's like, “Don't worry, I'll get you another coffee.” I was like, “It's not about the coffee! That was my tipping point!”