Tom Selleck's model daughter gets down and dirty for... clothing deodorant?

Actor Tom Selleck's daughter, Hannah, is an accomplished equestrian, but she's trying her hand at modeling in a new ad campaign for Reviver, the "world's first deodorant for clothes."

When rubbed against your clothes or hair, Reviver is made to release odor-eliminating compounds and fight unwanted smells. It's sold at Walgreen's stores and

And while horses can be pretty stinky, the company chose not to feature Hannah at work in the barn, but instead doing typical girl things, such as attacking a steak with her bare hands, smoking cigars topless and hanging out at a dumpster in a ballgown.

Interesting choice.

"It's like a breath mint for my clothes," Selleck says. "When I heard Reviver was looking to do a high fashion editorial photo shoot... I definitely wanted to be a part of it.”

We could rack our brains about this editorial decision all day, but we'll let you watch for yourself instead. See behind the scenes clips, below.