Today's News: Our Take - TV Producer in Letterman Case Begins Six-Month Jail Sentence

The TV producer, who plead guilty to trying to extort $2 million from David Letterman, began a six-month jail sentence Tuesday, according to The Associated Press.

Robert "Joe" Halderman's time behind bars will be followed by 1,000 hours of community service, as part of a deal made when he plead guilty to attempted grand larceny in March, the AP reported.

David Letterman admits having affairs, claims extortion

Halderman's extortion attempt in September prompted Letterman, known to be very guarded about his personal life throughout his TV career, to publicly admit to sexual affairs with members of his Late Show staff.

Letterman was not present at the sentencing and his reps had no comment. Last week on Live with Regis and Kelly, the late-night host likened the ordeal to an "explosion," but said he hoped his wife, Regina Lasko, and their 6-year-old son Harry could "even be better, in a different way."

"It knocks you down and you wake up every morning and you're scared and you're depressed and sad," Letterman said. "And you kind of got to let that knock you down and knock you down, and then pretty soon you've got to start knocking IT down. And then, when that happens, you start looking at the pieces left of your life."

David Letterman felt "threatened" over extortion attempt

Halderman, a longtime producer at CBS' 48 Hours Mystery, is no longer at the newsmagazine. It's unknown if Halderman resigned or was fired.

"Obviously, it was a very difficult part of his life," Halderman's lawyer, Gerald Shargel, said Tuesday.

Halderman, 52, could be released in four months with time off for good behavior. Under his plea deal, his community service will include providing job training to formerly homeless people and convicts just getting out of jail, according to the AP.

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