Even Tim Burton himself has given up trying to figure out what goes on in his crazy and creative, yet occasionally nonsensical mind.

“It is best not to analyze it, I had my years of psychotherapy and I just decided to stop. There is no point anymore,” Burton told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column while promoting “Dark Shadows.” “It's more about the joy of doing it, seeing where something goes ... You have an idea and seeing organically where it takes you.”

And the famed director tells us each character he creates becomes a permanent part of his ever-evolving persona.

“I try to personalize every character that I deal with – you have to find something,” Burton continued. “I have some Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd and Beetlejuice, they are all in there unfortunately.”

Based on the gothic soap opera of the same name, “Dark Shadows” stars his long-time collaborator Johnny Depp as 200-year-old vampire Barnabas Collins, and Michelle Pfeiffer as his reclusive cousin, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard.

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But unlike his director, Depp is at least able to transform into all these wacky and wild characters, and happily walk away as himself when filming is over for the day and not scare his kids.

“I step in and out of the guy,” he assured us.

And although twenty years has passed since Pfeiffer took the role as Catwoman in Burton’s “Batman Returns,” she said her dynamic with the director remains unchanged.

“I just have memories of it being effortless to work with him and it really being a lot of fun, he likes to work hard but so do I. He is meticulous, but what is amazing is that he hasn't lost any of his attention to detail or any of his enthusiasm, and he just keeps getting better and better,” she enthused. “So when I heard about ‘Dark Shadows’ I shamelessly called him, I don't even think there was a script at that point. I thought, I'm not going to let this pass me by without throwing my hat in the ring. Just like when I did ‘Batman,’ I would have played any part in that movie.”

Burton said that while he hadn’t spoken to the still stunning blonde in almost two decades, working with her again was “easy” and reminded him of what he “loved so much about her as Catwoman.’”

But it seems that even the cast thinks “Dark Shadows” won’t be earning any Oscar nods.

“It was a challenge, it is a heightened melodrama as if melodrama isn't heightened enough,” Pfeiffer explained. “We were walking a very fine line of going into really, really bad acting, which we probably fell into a number of times.”

And apparently, there is at least one thing we don’t know about Pfeiffer’s co-star: the highly sought-after tabloid target, Mr. Depp.

“I try to protect the privacy of the actors,” Burton added. “But (maybe something you don’t know) is that he likes ice-skating shows.”

Work it, Captain Jack.