Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have invited 600 guests to their wedding and just 200 guests to the evening reception on Saturday, but none of the young royals of the British aristocracy have been invited, reports say.

The list of uninvited includes the children and grandchildren of the queen’s cousins, the Duke of Kent, the Duke of Gloucester, Prince Michael of Kent and Princess Alexandra; Lord Frederick Windsor, 39, and Lady Gabriella Windsor, 37, the children of the Queen’s cousin, Prince Michael; Lady Davina Lewis, 40, the Duke of Gloucester’s daughter; Lady Helen Taylor, the Duke of Kent’s daughter, and his granddaughters, Lady Amelia and Lady Marina Windsor.

f4172ea9-Michael of Kent Princess Michael of Kent _Reuters

Michael of Kent and Princess Michael of Kent (REUTERS)

The Daily Mail reported that although St. George’s Chapel, the site of the nuptials, has space for 800, Prince Charles reportedly favors a “slimmed-down” monarchy.

“It’s quite shocking,” an insider told the Mail about the trimmed guest list. “The junior members of the family are invited to all the big royal occasions.”

Lord Freddie Windsor_Reuters

Lord Freddie Windsor with his wife Sophie Winkleman (REUTERS)

One young member of the royal family confirmed that “lots of Kents and Gloucesters” won’t be going, noting that “we’re not allowed to say it” and could “get into trouble if I’m the one that says it.”

Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, and other royals ‒ like his father Prince Charles, who is first in the line of succession for the crown ‒ are certainly going. Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, is also attending. Harry will involve his mother's family in the wedding, and all three of Diana’s siblings will be present.

Lady Gabriella Windsor Lord Frederick Windsor_Reuters

Lady Gabriella Windsor, Lord Frederick Windsor and his wife Sophie Winkleman (REUTERS)

Prince Harry and Markle have invited 2,640 people into the grounds of Windsor Castle, a prime location to watch the pair's arrival and carriage procession.

The majority of those invited will be members of the public, nominated by local Lord Lieutenant offices. The pair also invited members of charities and other organizations, local schoolchildren, residents of Windsor and members of the royal household.

But the list of non-invited features one surprising royal — runway model Lady Amelia Windsor, dubbed “most beautiful royal” by the press.

Duke of Gloucester_ Reuters

The Duke of Gloucester (REUTERS)

Windsor, who is 37th in line to the throne, is the third cousin of Harry and granddaughter of the Duke of Kent, who is Queen Elizabeth’s cousin.

A friend of of hers told The Sun that the lack of invite came as a surprise to the royal because she was looking forward to go and suggested Prince Harry wanted her out to ensure the spotlight was on Meghan.

“Amelia is creating quite a name for herself with her modeling and Instagram posts,” the friend said. “Perhaps Harry just wanted to keep the family invited to a small number or maybe he didn't want anyone upstaging the bride.”

But while Windsor was snubbed, a lesser member of the British aristocracy will be attending. Lady Kitty Spencer, the niece of Prince Harry’s late mother Princess Diana, who is not in line to the throne, will reportedly attend the high-profile nuptials.

Spencer, who once walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana’s wearing a tiara, reportedly has a special bond with Prince Harry, partying with him in his 20s. She is said to be friends with Harry's ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

Vanity Fair magazine reported Prince Harry wanted to preserve his mother’s name and claimed “the entire Spencer clan” will be attending the big day.

“Harry has always kept in close touch with the Spencers and they have all received invitations,” a close family friend told the magazine. “Harry gets on well with his aunts and uncle and they have met Meghan. His cousins all have the golden ticket — an invite to the ceremony and reception and the evening party.”

Marina Windsor Lady Amelia Windsor_Reuters

Lady Marina Windsor and Lady Amelia Windsor (AP PHOTO)

The wedding guest list is causing a controversy as some members of the Markle’s family weren’t invited or have pulled out.

The father of the bride, Thomas Markle, is reportedly pulling out from the wedding after suffering a heart attack several days ago and after admitting he participated in staged paparazzi photos.

This would mean, contrary to the tradition, the father wouldn’t walk the “Suits” actress down the aisle on her May 19 wedding. Kensington Palace declined to comment to Fox News regarding the father’s attendance.

Fox News’ Stephanie Nolasco contributed to this report.