The Real Reason Heidi and Spencer Went to 'Marriage Boot Camp'

Sooner or later, every couple needs a little help in the relationship department. And when that happens, it's probably best to talk to a marriage counselor.

Or, if you're Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, you choose to work through your problems on national television.

Spencer and Heidi, also known as "Speidi" to fans, have spent the better part of their adult lives as reality stars, so it only makes sense that they settle their squabbles accordingly. In this case, that means appearing on the second season of "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars," premiering tonight on We TV.

"I think that me and Spencer were at a place in our lives where we needed professional intervention," says Montag in an exclusive interview with FMN. "We were kind of at a disagreement."

So what was the sticking point that kept them from moving forward? You guessed it: kids.

"I was hoping the 'Marriage Bootcamp' counselors would tell Heidi to chill out," says Pratt of his baby-focused bride. "[The viewers] will see that maybe I was a little wrong."

Watch the video above to learn more of Speidi's reasons for heading off to "Marriage Boot Camp," and be sure to stay tuned for the hilarious lesson Spencer learned during counseling.