'The Big Bang Theory' recap: Baby on board

There’s no better Valentine’s gift than a bun in the oven!

On this week’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory” we learn that one of TV’s favorite science geeks is going to becoming a father — he just doesn’t know it yet.

Yes, love is in the Pasadena air as the gang splits up to celebrate V-Day as couples.

Well…except for Raj.

He hastily decided to break up with Emily in hopes of spending the holiday with hottie bartender Claire, who he met last week at the comic book store.

But there’s one little problem:  she is back with her boyfriend. So when Emily refuses to take him back, Raj is left alone on the couch with a laptop.

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Amy are live streaming their first episode of an Internet call-in show, “Fun with Flags.”

Yes, it is every but as (un)romantic as it sounds.

Sheldon:  “I hope people will be around to watch even though it is Valentine’s Day.”

Amy:  “People who are fans of an Internet show about flags…trust me, they are around.”

The broadcast gets off to a bumpy start when their first caller is — you guessed it — Raj, whining about being alone.

Leonard and Penny have more traditional plans, but their romantic restaurant dinner hits a bump when no tables are available. Penny tries flirting with the host in hopes of getting seated but storms out when he, basically, calls her old.

They end up grabbing burgers in their car and debating other ways to spend the evening.

Over at Casa de Wolowitz, Howard and Bernadette are ready to break in the new hot tub but discover it has already been broken into by a rat — that turns out to be a rabbit.

Howard has manscaped his private parts but the romantic tryst gets put on hold when the couple begin to bond with their new animal friend.

They name him Valentino and everything is wonderful until Howard gets bitten and panics that he might have rabies.

When he calls off the special evening to take a trip to the ER, Bernadette confides to her furry friend:  “We’ll find another time to tell him I am pregnant.”