‘The Bachelor’ recap: Families grill Juan Pablo during awkward hometown dates

Juan Pablo spent the week traveling the country meeting the families of his four remaining ladies—but some of the families were not exactly impressed with “The Bachelor” process.

Andi Dorfman took Juan Pablo on a day date to a gun range in Atlanta before meeting her family for dinner.

Andi’s dad, Hy, was immediately skeptical after hearing about the couple’s lack of alone time throughout the show.

“You were down to eight [women] and you hadn’t had a one-on-one [date] yet?” he asked.

“I saw the sense of disapproval on my dad’s face in the first five minutes,” Andi said.

“He may be infatuated with her, but he may also be infatuated with another girl on the show,” Hy told the cameras.  “Right now this is all fun and games.”

During their solo chat, Hy told Juan Pablo that is unwilling to accept him into their family until he is in love with only one woman.

“Reverse roles for a moment. If somebody came to you dating three other people and asked, ‘If I do, will you?’” Hy said. “As far as accepting you, my answer to you is that I won’t answer you.”

“I don’t want you to get hurt,” Hy told Andi later in the night. “I have concerns about things rapidly unfolding too fast.”

Later, in a bizarre exchange during Clare Crawley’s hometown date in Sacramento, Calif., one of her sisters kept angrily interrupting Clare’s discussion with her mother about Juan Pablo and refused to leave.  

“You know Momma is very traditional,” the sister, Laura, said.  “I know you got all these cameras here, but I don’t care.  I’m not going to let you manipulate Momma.  You’re not respecting Mom.”

Laura told her little sister that she needs to be “realistic” about the process and didn’t think the family was ready to give Juan Pablo their blessing.

“I don’t think we’re there yet,” Laura said.

“I follow my heart and I’m not just doing this because I’m on a show,” Clare said. “I just want you guys to please trust.”

“I’m fuming that Laura is speaking for my mom,” Clare told the cameras, her eyes filling up with tears. “I’m trying to have this heart-to-heart with my mom and we’re having our moment. Laura is standing to the side and overseeing my talk.”

The night was salvaged a bit when Laura attempted to smooth things over with Juan Pablo, finally leaving the Bachelor alone with Mrs. Crawley to talk.

“Laura can be difficult, but Juan Pablo handed it very well,” Clare said. “If he can look past my crazy family, I would love to marry him.”

Over in Kansas City, Mo., Nikki Ferrell’s father seemed a bit more open.

Nikki took Juan Pablo out for barbeque and bull riding before meeting her family, who seemed pretty pleased with the Bachelor.

“I would prefer that if your heart isn’t it in it that you do not ask her to marry you,” Tom Ferrell told Juan Pablo, but later adding: “We trust Nikki to make that decision and whatever one she makes, we’ll accept it wholeheartedly.”

Renee Oteri’s mother was equally cautious but pleased overall.

Renee took Juan Pablo to her son’s Little League game in Sarasota, Fla., before heading to meet her parents and brother.

“I just want you to be happy,” Brenda Oteri told her daughter.  “We can love our pets. But you need to be IN love.”

Brenda appeared shocked when Renee admitted she hadn’t expressed her love for Juan Pablo out loud to him yet.

“That’s crazy,” she said.

In a teary rose ceremony back at the Bachelor mansion, Juan Pablo eliminated single mom Renee.   

“The Bachelor” resumes tonight on ABC with all of the drama from the “fantasy suite” dates.  

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