Ted Nugent believes he's not in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of his NRA support, 'political correctness'

Ted Nugent said he believes his support of the National Rifle Association has stopped him from being inducted into the Rock and Roll of Fame.

The musician told Albany radio station Q103 last week his loyalty to the NRA is preventing him from being honored.

He said he belives Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation member Jann Wenner is keeping him out.

"He hates the Second Amendment," Nugent declared. "He hates me because I am on the board of directors of the National Rifle Association... That’s the only reason I’m not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

Nugent said he has a lot of fans.

"Go to my Facebook, I have tens of millions of Facebookers from all around the world, and everybody loves the music," he said.

Nugent said he's performed more than 6,000 shows and feels he's in a "We The People Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

"Write this down, 'My name is Ted Nugent; I am the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,'" he said emphatically.

He said "politcal correctness" was impacting his status when it comes to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

However, not everyone is buying Nugent's claim about his politics impacting his Rock Hall status.

David Crosby was asked by a fan on Twitter what he thought of Nugent's claim.

Crosby replied that Nugent didn’t have the musical chops to make the cut.

“No the a--hole just isn't good enough,” Crosby jabbed on Monday.

Nugent has yet to fire back.

He said during his chat with Q103 if he was ever asked to be in the Hall of Fame he'd willingly oblige.