Taylor Swift's new album 'Lover' features surprise cameo by Idris Elba

Taylor Swift loves a “London Boy” — which includes her “Cats” co-star Idris Elba.

Elba, 46, has a surprise moment on Swift’s new album “Lover” in the beginning of the song “London Boy,” which is believed to be about her British boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

“We can go driving on my scooter … you know, just round London,” the tune begins before Swift, 29, sings about her favorite UK spots. As Page Six previously reported, Nashville-based Swift is hunting for a London love nest for her and Alwyn — and is willing to plunk down up to $30 million for it.

Hours after the album’s release, fans figured out the voice was not Alwyn, but taken from an interview Elba did with James Corden in March 2017, in which he described how he gave away a date with a woman for charity. When asked what they were going to do on the date, he said, whatever she wants, whether it’s “pounding yams” or going for a drive on his scooter around London.

“Oh, I’d love a ride on your scooter,” Corden jokingly replied.

It’s unclear whether Elba knew the line was going to be on the album.

This story originally appeared in the New York Post