Super Oz? TV doc helps collapsed runner in Salt Lake City, maimed tourist in NYC

Dr. Mehmet Oz's heroic appearance at a New York City accident scene Tuesday wasn't the only time he has come to the rescue in the past week.

Ken Roosa told Utah media the celebrity doctor dashed to his aid Saturday after Roosa collapsed just after a 5K race in Salt Lake City.

Race footage aired on KTVX-TV shows Oz, who emceed the event and was dressed in a red superhero cape, kneeling on the pavement to assist the 53-year-old Ohio man.

Roosa says he wasn't used to distance running and suffered dehydration and stress. He was hospitalized for 30 hours.

A picture posted on Oz's Facebook Saturday shows him at Roosa's hospital bedside.

On Tuesday, Oz rushed to help a British tourist struck by a cab in New York City.

Quick-thinking good Samaritans, including a union plumber and Oz, helped save 23-year-old Sian Green's life, whose leg was severed by the runaway taxi in midtown Manhattan.

Plumber David Justino fashioned a tourniquet with his plumber's belt for one of Green's legs. He used a dog leash for the other injured leg.

Oz, who was out walking after shooting  his show in the area, rushed over when he heard the accident. He credited Justino for saving the woman's life.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.