Sports Illustrated Misses Kate Upton, Paul McCartney Wants to Be a Pirate, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the fuss is about:

• Even though she doesn't really work with them anymore, Sports Illustrated went ahead and posted a throwback photo of former Swimsuit Issue cover model Kate Upton (above). So in that respect, Sports Illustrated is a lot like that one friend of yours who can't stop bringing up the hot girlfriend he had in college.

• Speaking of ladies who have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, we recently interviewed 2016 cover model Hailey Clauson. Watch the clip below to hear about her grandmother's reaction seeing Hailey in 2015's issue (or ), then please, stop telling people you two dated in college. We're not buying it.

• Paul McCartney has reportedly joined the cast of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales," which will be the fifth installment in Disney's swashbucking "Pirates" franchise, but only the second to rope a respected rocker into wearing an eyepatch and a wacky dreadlock wig after Keith Richards in "At World's End."

• Comedian Garry Shandling, of such shows as "The Larry Sanders Show" and "It's Garry Shandling's Show," passed away on Wednesday of an apparent heart attack. He was 66, and he'll be fondly remembered for his groundbreaking HBO series, his stand-up, and for giving us one of the most-straightforward theme songs in TV history:

• The nominees for the 43rd annual Daytime Emmy Awards were announced on Thursday, and the soap series "The Young and the Restless" came away with the most nominations (27) of any single program. So hopefully, everyone from the show's main cast will be able to rouse themselves from their respective comas in order to attend the ceremony.

• Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for "Lego Batman." But unlike previous Batman movies, this particular film downplays Batman's crime-busting crusades and instead focuses in his lesser-known skill sets, which now include beat-boxing, using slang, and reheating lobster thermidor in the microwave:

• According to Vevo, Justin Bieber has become the first artist to earn more than 10 billion views on their video-hosting platform. More impressively, Vevo only counts music videos, so just imagine how many views he would've racked up if they counted that clip of him peeing into a mop bucket, too!

• And finally, in a message to her followers on Instagram, Miley Cyrus joked that former Disney persona Hannah Montana will always hold a "special place" in her heart, but is currently "chopped up into little tiny pieces" and buried in her backyard. So good God, we hope that's a metaphor.