Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs want to talk 'Off the Map,' not Alyssa Milano

Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs have had "charmed" careers, just don’t ask them about "Charmed," or their co-star on it. The longtime pals have teamed up on another show, trekking across the U.S. on Great American Country’s “Off the Map with Shannen and Holly.” The ladies popped in to discuss their new show and decades-long friendship, but not their frenemy, Alyssa Milano.

FOX411: Alyssa Milano said in 2013 that working with you both was like being in high school. What exactly did she mean by that?

Shannen Doherty: You know what, I think its high school for us to talk about it. Let’s just let it be.

Holly Marie Combs: The only thing I would like to do is to promote a new show, and I don’t want to use an old show to do that. If my new show needs my old show’s publicity than my new show ain’t that good. When people talk about stuff like that it’s to sell a book. If you’re selling a book and your present life isn’t so great, then maybe let’s not talk about the past so much.

Doherty: I think we should wish everyone well and talk about “Off the Map,” because it’s really good.

FOX411: You were on “Charmed” together for years. Why did you decide to team up again?

Combs: Because we could. It’s a great day job.

Doherty: It was the easiest, fastest way to go off on an adventure. It was my idea originally. I want to do something fun and I want to do it with Holly. I want Anthony Bourdain’s job. So, I called her and said, “Hey, let’s go do a travel show.” She said,“Well, did you sell it yet?”  I said, “Well, I will.” So, she said just let me know when you sell it.

FOX411: Tell us about it.

Combs: It’s a road trip. It’s a travel show. We do lots of food, drink merriment, culture, animals. We do animals. That sounds bad, especially considering what you did to that alligator in Florida.

FOX411: What?

Combs: Well, it was for scientific purposes.

Doherty: It was for scientific research and it was for the good of the alligator that I had to probe in certain places that your hand goes up into. I had to feel for ... what it was.

FOX411: You both have survived a brutal business, while some of your peers like Tori Spelling have had a tough road. Is it difficult seeing your friends struggling in their personal and professional lives so publicly, and how did you avoid it?

Doherty: I’m pretty sure I found every pitfall there was. Anytime you like somebody and you care about them, it doesn’t matter if they’re on TV or if it’s whoever, it doesn’t matter, you don’t want to ever want to see anybody go through a tough time.

FOX411: What would be your biggest "don’t" for the younger Hollywood generation?

Doherty: Keep your personal life personal.

Combs: It’s hard to do with Instagram and Twitter, and all these things these days. It gets easy to get too personal, and too out there and put your whole life on Instagram, and lots of girls’ underwear and butts. What is with those pictures my children? Are you kidding me?

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