Shakira Rules Universe - 'La La La' Tops Kiddie Darth Vader For Most Shared Ad

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The dark side has lost again.

According to Unruly, the Volkswagen ad “The Force” was knocked off as the most shared ad of all time by Shakira’s “trackvertising” World Cup video for Activia yogurt.

The car ad featured a boy dressed up as Darth Vader from the "Star Wars" series. The pint-size galactic menace premiered during the 2011 Super Bowl, and had been shared nearly 5.4 million times in a number of social mediums since.

The “Hips Don’t Lie” singer beat those numbers in a little over two months.

Shakira produced her World Cup-inspired video for her single “La La La” in collaboration with Activia in support of the World Food Program. The video shows the company’s logo at the beginning and end and features famoussoccer players like Brazil's Neymar and Argentina's Lionel Messi as well as extras drawing the brand’s smile symbol on their stomachs.

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Since its debut on May 22, the video has garnered 5,375,756 shares. Unruly is calling the collaboration “the most successful example of ... ‘trackvertising,’ where a brand and musical artist co-release a video which is both a musical track and advertisement."

The video’s success comes as no surprise. Shakira was recently crowned the most liked person on Facebook, with more than 100 million followers.

"I can interact meaningfully with [fans] on a regular basis. And the response is immediate," the singer told the Wall Street Journal. “[Having the most popular Facebook page] is something I never necessarily anticipated but a really welcoming and heartwarming surprise."

The video’s partnership with the United Nation’s World Food Program has helped millions of children. The website says it has been able to provide 3,719, 250 meals thanks to the partnership.

“It is fantastic to see such a positive response for the video,” Activia’s global marketing director Nicolas Frerejean told Unruly. “Reaching more than 250 million views and becoming the most shared ad of all time in just two months is incredible! We are delighted that we have been able to relay our message of support to the World Food Program through the video.”

No word from either Darth Vader or George Lucas on whether the empire intends to strike back.