Selleck not alone? Grass sure looks greener at some celebs' L.A. homes

Tom Selleck has been accused of taking public water to feed his avocado farm, but he may not be the only celebrity allegedly dodging water restrictions. California Governor Jerry Brown has ordered water use to be cut 25 percent statewide, but aerial photos of the very green lawns of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Cher, and Jennifer Lopez seem to show little signs of conservation. California Water Resources Control Board member Stephen Moore says there is no excuse for celebrities to not follow direction from the state.

“This drought is the worst in our state's history, and every Californian has a role and responsibility to do their part to conserve water in case the drought continues another year, and things become much worse,” Moore told FOX411. "No Californian is exempt from the emergency drought regulations, no matter how rich or famous.”

Calleguas Municipal Water District sued Selleck, claiming the star of the crime shows "Magnum, P.I." and "Blue Bloods" stole truckloads of water from a public hydrant and brought it to his 60-acre avocado ranch in drought-stricken California. Selleck and the district have since reached a tentative settlement.

According to reports from the State Water Resources Control Board, in May 2015, 28,555 water waste complaints were reported statewide, 36,159 formal warnings were issued, and 1,786 penalties were issued.

California has increased penalties to $10,000 for violations of conservation rules and regulations. Board Chair Felicia Marcus points out that public figures need to realize that they are role models for others, and she also says water agencies need to enforce water conservation regulations across the board.

“Kudos to the state residents who are the real heroes and have let their lawns go golden, or have changed out their landscape” Marcus said.

Representatives for Selleck, Kardashian, Cher, and Lopez did not return requests for comment.