A good country doctor and some creative medicine helped Rory Feek’s 2-year-old daughter Indiana as she struggled to breathe. The Joey + Rory singer tells the story in his latest blog post at This Life I Live.

Indiana was ultimately diagnosed with pneumonia, but Feek got a scare when her breathing became labored in the middle of nowhere over the summer. They were road-tripping near Yellowstone National Park when Indy started to struggle. As soon as he could, Dad texted Dr. Theron Hutton — a friend who’d recently quit his family practice to start a more personal, more old-fashioned brand of medicine at Mulberry Clinics.

Hutton worried Indiana had pneumonia, and after listening to her breathe, told Feek to drive her to the nearest town for help. The singer furthers:

"And then he explained how to cut the bottom out of a empty water bottle and attach to my older daughter’s inhaler, so that Indy could get some albuterol into her system and be okay for the two hour drive back down the mountains to Cody, Wyoming. And the contraption worked perfectly."

Indy got treatment in Cody and was back to normal a few days later.

“I don’t know what I would have done, if Theron wasn’t the kind of doctor and man that he is,” Rory Feek says. “It wasn’t just more convenient for our family, it was important.”

Indy got sick again just two weeks ago, and Hutton made a house call to cure her. Daddy and daughter are currently in Disney World. Feek’s This Life I Live blog has become a chronicle of adventures and thoughts from a single father. Joey Martin Feek died in March 2016 after a long battle with cancer.