Richard Simmons sues investigator claiming PI tracked his car as transgender rumors swirled

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Famed fitness guru Richard Simmons along with his live-in caretaker and driver Theresa Reveles have filed a lawsuit against Los Angeles private detective Scott Brian Mathews, accusing the investigator of placing a tracking device on the vehicle Reveles uses to transport Simmons.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the suit claims that the tracking device was planted on Reveles vehicle for more than a year, and Simmons and Reveles discovered the device back in December.

According to the lawsuit, Mathews placed the device on the vehicle in an effort to gain insight on Simmons and to find out if he had visited any hospitals that provide services for gender re-assignment. The device was allegedly placed around the time when The National Enquirer and Radar Online ran stories claiming Simmons was transgender. The star shot down the reports calling them “false and fabricated.”

Simmons sued the national Enquirer and Radar Online , however the case was dismissed on free speech grounds.

Simmons sued the national Enquirer and Radar Online , however the case was dismissed on free speech grounds.

Simmons sued the outlets, however the case was thrown out, citing the First Amendment. He was ordered to pay their attorneys’ fees and American Media, their publisher.

Simmons’ lawsuit against Mathews also alleges that the tracking device was leased from a company called Live View GPS, which allegedly ended its contract with Mathews after learning of the unapproved device.

The lawsuit also cites a California law which prohibits the use of GPS trackers without consent, with the exception of law enforcement. Simmons and Reveles are seeking punitive and treble damages for invasion of privacy and trespassing.

A person working at Mathews' firm told Fox News Mathews is currently in Florida and has not been served with court paperwork. The firm claimed Mathews has no knowledge of the lawsuit.

Simmons has made headlines in recent years for his reclusive nature. A podcast created by his former friend, titled "Missing Richard Simmons," went viral in 2017, leading fans to question how the once public icon is spending his time. Police have done several wellness checks on the star over the years, and Simmons insists he is fine.