'Real Housewife' Amber Marchese: Teresa Giudice preparing for prison

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is chock-full of cattiness and diva antics. Amber Marchese was a new addition to the cast last season, and was thrust into the ring of fire. After one season on the highly volatile show, the reality TV novice is ready for another season of battle, should it present itself.

FOX411: Why did you decide to join the cast knowing you would have to deal with all of that drama?
Amber Marchese: First of all, if a challenge is presented I will never, ever say no to a challenge and it was that exact challenge. I knew it was going to be a fun ride, and it was going to be a wild ride. I don’t think it set in that it was so drama-filled and so difficult to go through, I really blocked that part out of it and had really a tunnel-vision of this is really the coolest thing in the world, and it really is. You know, it was too easy for me. It’s not like I tried hard. The opportunity landed in my lap. I follow signs in life, and I felt like this was a really good sign.

FOX411: Your co-star and long-time “Real Housewife” veteran Teresa Giudice is about to start her jail sentence. Have you been in touch with her?
Marchese: I saw her at the reunion, and I do talk to her via text once in a while. I really reach out just to say “hey, how are you?” Just thinking of you. Hoping you’re ok and everyone is doing alright.” She’s doing what any mother would be doing. She’s basically shutting the world out, and concentrating on her children. I commend her for that. I mean what else are you going to do? She’s doing what needs to be done.

FOX411: Your husband Jim has been vilified on the show. Do you regret him being a part of it? Has it hurt his career or your marriage?
Marchese: No, it hasn’t hurt his business whatsoever. Actually his business is doing very well.  Thank God.  As far as his involvement, he did not want to be involved. He set out to just be the husband and the supporting and loving father. It did not work out that way. He started to be a part of it, and he was like I can’t be half pregnant, so now I’m involved. Then he saw how everyone was really coming at me, and he could just not seat by idle without helping me, and he really did come to my defense and stand by my side. My husband was my alliance.

FOX411: Will you be on next season?
Marchese: A lot of rumors. A lot of talk but nothing is set in stone. Nothing. Even on my end, I haven’t heard anything.  They’re not keeping me in the loop I think by design but once I get that phone call if they want me back, we’ll deal with it then but until then I kind of live my life.  I’m happy.

FOX411: You’re a breast cancer survivor, and now you have a new fitness line. Can you tell us a bit about that?
Marchese: I had a fitness line called Vici Fitness, which means to conquer and whatever you’re conquering; having a baby, breast cancer, any kind of disease you can conquer it and get on to fitness, but then I found this other group called Revolutionize, and they share the same philosophies of working out as I do, so we combined our businesses together and now I have this consulting firm. It’s a nutrition and personal one-on-one training. It can do Skype. It can do phone calls. It can do anything.