QA: Instagram star Jen Selter 'playing the field and having a blast'

Instagram sensation Jen Selter has gone from the best body on social media to her first product endorsement.

Selter took her three million followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter straight to the bank when she signed The Legacy Agency a few weeks ago, and they promised to turn her into the next Jillian Michaels.

Her new job promoting CIRRUS fitness products is her first step in that direction.

“I think of Jen as a professional athlete, the No. 1 pick, her sport just happens to be fitness, and she found a way to make it happen,” CIRRUS CEO Jay Sapovits said in a press release announcing the news.

We talked to Selter, 20, about how she turned herself from selfie queen to motivational fitness guru seemingly in the blink of an eye.

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FOX411: Lots of people take selfies, but few – maybe none except you -- parlay them into a career. What is your secret?

Jen Selter: I get a lot of credit for posting selfies, but I also post messages of motivation and fitness tips. I try to be fresh. I'm aware of comments made about my body, but I get the most happiness when I receive emails or posts about people I've inspired.

FOX411: Are most of your followers gals or guys?

Selter: Both. Depending on if it's Instagram or Twitter or Facebook.

FOX411: Does being a social media star make dating easier or harder?

Selter: Fame is not affecting my dating life. I’m 20, playing the field and having a blast.

FOX411: How’s the career going now that you’ve signed with an agent?

Selter: It's great. Busy, but great. I'm trying to keep everything as normal as possible and choose the opportunities that build upon what I've done to this point. I'm very grateful to have my message out to the public.

FOX411: How did your relationship with CIRRUS happen?

Selter: The Legacy Agency identified CIRRUS and I'm glad they did. The company is expanding, has creative thinkers and we have the same ideas about motivational fitness. It's exciting to be with people who let you be yourself and are so encouraging.

FOX411:As you move forward how will you choose your projects?

Selter: I've worked hard to get to this point and I'm not going to do anything I don't personally believe in. I'm fortunate to have started from the ground up, I don't feel pressure to do everything I’m asked. I want my followers to know I'm a genuine person who wants the best for them.