QA: Andrew Dice Clay never thought he would be in a Woody Allen movie

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay is used to controversy, but now he’s doing something really shocking: he’s starring in a Woody Allen film!

The performer has been at it the since the 1980s, and has a few films to his credit, but being cast in this year’s “Blue Jasmine” is unlike anything he’s done before. Not only is Clay back on the big screen, he’s also in Las Vegas performing a residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. He sat down with FOX411 to tell us how his stand-up act is still “outrageous,” and about meeting with Woody Allen, once he realized his manager wasn’t teasing him.

FOX411: How does it feel? You’re in a Woody Allen film!

Andrew Dice Clay: You know how you document certain important moments. I would say this is one of the top three greatest moments in my career. When I add on the Rodney Dangerfield special years ago that put me through the roof, that was number one. Then in the arena days I would have to say playing Madison Square Garden. Then getting cast by Woody Allen to do this film, just to work with him, I never thought something like that would happen.

FOX411: Tell me about your first meeting with him, were you nervous?

Clay: I was a little nervous because, obviously, when I realized my manager wasn't teasing me, I thought he was really teasing me about it, so yeah of course I wanted to nail whatever role it would be. But I’m going, this is Woody Allen, so it is a little nerve-racking. The guy has worked with every great actor and actress there is. But it was a very relaxed meeting, he was very cool. Meaning cool, it wasn't like coming into a meeting where people are sitting behind the desk and very stiff. I mean he just told me, would you read a few pages for me? It was just very easy to work it out because he relaxed me. I think I relaxed him when I said, Dice isn't in the room, Andrew is. Because I know he knows that part of me. So I didn’t want  him to think some animal was coming in to read a part. With the kind of press I've been getting over this, it's pretty overwhelming, I wasn't expecting it.

FOX411: On set, you got to add your two cents?

Clay: When I would change something up of course, I would run it by Woody first, and he loved it.  He would love kind of things… because of the way I speak. Like from the East Coast you almost reverse the way you talk. If your mom calls you, she goes ‘what's the matter you don't call your mother?’

FOX411: Tell us about your Vegas residency, what’s your act like these days?

Clay: It's very current. My brand is my brand as far as my persona on stage. I always like to deliver people the kind of outrageous comedy that I've always done. But the world has spun and things have changed, everything from technology to women's attitudes towards men, how far they've come, but I do it all in a comedic sense. So I'm at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas at Vinyl. I have a book coming out, an autobiography, that I'm writing with David Ritz… the Ray Charles movie was from Ritz's book. Marvin Gaye, Etta James, I mean he's written books on some of the greatest ever, and now he's doing my book.