Pilot killed in Nashville crash listed Taylor Swift as next of kin

The pilot of a small, private plane that crashed and burned at Nashville International Airport several weeks ago listed Taylor Swift as his next of kin, according to a report in The Tennessean.

“The first we heard of this was when the appropriate authorities contacted Taylor’s management about the crash,” Swift’s publicist told the newspaper in an email. “Taylor does not know this person.”

Authorities are still trying to piece together the details of the Oct. 29 crash that killed Michael Callan, according to The Tennessean.

The plane was attempting to land in dense fog that required reliance on instruments alone, according a preliminary report.

The crash went unnoticed despite the plane catching fire.

An initial review of air traffic control information provided to NTSB by the Federal Aviation Administration showed no communication between air traffic controllers and Callan.

The plane was registered to the Windsor Flying Club in Ontario, Canada, and a flight plan listed Callan's destination airport as Pelee Island, also in Ontario. He did not file any additional flight plans.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.