Peter Parker Getting Killed Off in One 'Spider-Man' Comic Series

Peter Parker is dying, though not from the reviews of "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark," the New York Post reported Tuesday.

The webbed wonder will meet an untimely end while saving his beloved Aunt May from the villainous Green Goblin in "Ultimate Spider-Man" No. 160, which goes on sale Wednesday.

Series writer Brian Bendis called Parker's death "truly heroic and sacrificial," adding that it brings his story "full circle," since his crime-fighting career was spurred by his failure to prevent his Uncle Ben's murder.

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Bendis also refuted reports that Parker would be brought back in a future story, saying, "This is the last hurrah. This is it. There's a real point to this, and the point doesn't work if we don't stick to our guns."

Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said that the death paves the way for a new character to claim Parker's arachnid alter-ego this fall.

"There's going to be a brand new Spider-Man" in a brand new costume, Alonso said, who will make his debut in "Ultimate Comics Fallout" in August before taking over "Ultimate Spider-Man" in September. "We're certain readers wil fall in love with him the way they did with Peter," Alonso said.

Traditional Parker fans, meanwhile, can still get their fix of the original hard-luck hero in Marvel's "Amazing Spider-Man" comics, where he will still be wielding the webs in his iconic red and blue costume.