Patricia Arquette apologized for her potty mouth at the 2019 Golden Globes.

While accepting the award for best actress in a limited series for "Escape at Dannemora," the 50-year-old actress cursed, which she later said she didn't intend to do.

“I didn’t plan that. It was an unplanned f-bomb,” Arquette admitted, according to Variety. “I’m so sorry. ... You can’t take [the award] back, can you?”


Arquette gained more than 40 pounds to play Tilly Mitchell in the Showtime series, and she admitted that it was a refreshing change from trying to conform to often unrealistic and unattainable body standards in Hollywood.

“I felt so free. I never once heard this refrain that I have heard so often in my career — ‘Is she likable enough? Is she attractive enough?'" She added, "I’m glad to see some of these films being given opportunities. Hollywood always responds when they see so much revenue coming from it. Diversity is starting to pay off for Hollywood.”

Arquette, who's been vocal about the gender wage gap in Hollywood and beyond, also spoke about pay parity.

“We have a lot of moms out there who are sole breadwinners or primary breadwinners for their families. We have to look at equal opportunity and equal pay," she said. "I’m excited about how many we have coming into the House.”