Paris Hilton's brother beaten up; claims Lindsay Lohan behind assault

Paris Hilton's little brother was badly beaten at a party and claims that Lindsay Lohan orchestrated the assault.

The party took place at a Miami mansion where the recently rehabbed actress has been staying while in town for an art festival. It was a particularly raucous affair that lasted from Friday night until well into Saturday morning.

According to TMZ people overheard Hilton saying derogatory things about Lohan and shortly afterwards he was jumped on.  24-year-old Hilton contacted the police and allegedly told them that the troubled starlet approached him at the party with a male friend and began yelling, “You talk s..t about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get.”

Her male accomplice began to punch Hilton while Lohan giggled and encouraged the violence.

Lohan is vigorously denying the accusation and claims that she wasn’t even present when the attack occurred but TMZ has obtained footage of Hilton confronting Lohan after the vicious assault.

Apparently Hilton does not know the identity of his attacker but is positive his sister’s former friend is behind it.

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