Pamela Anderson back to her old look

Pamela Anderson has gone back to her old look  The ex-“Baywatch” star unveiled a familiar look at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo – long, voluminous blonde extensions – a far cry from the pixie cut that she’s sported since last October reports People.

The actress admitted to Elle magazine that initially she was worried about having such a short do, fearing that it would make her resemble Anderson Cooper but then grew to love the positive changes the hairstyle represented.

“The rock-star thing became very destructive, like wow,” she explained. “ I didn’t know what I was doing. I just kind of became that thing,” she said of her famed full blonde bouffant. “The hair, that rock-star kind of lifestyle, just living a dream. It kind of took over. It started out very innocent and then I turned into a cartoon character. And I started to feel like a cartoon character.”

Despite receiving raves for the short bob, the 46-year-old starlet was already wearing a longer look by January and last week in Cannes she sported a mini-mullet.  And apparently Anderson was eager to replicate the look she became famous for – a revealing neckline, smoky eye makeup and of course those golden locks.