Noah Galloway has no beef with 'DWTS' host Erin Andrews

Celebrated Army veteran Noah Galloway has been an inspiration to many. The double amputee turned his trails into triumph when danced his way to second place on season 20 of "Dancing with the Stars."

FOX411: How has your life changed since being on “Dancing with the Stars?”
Noah Galloway: It definitely gave me a larger platform of sharing my story and that’s one thing I started doing a couple years ago. I had the opportunity motivational speaking and things like that to reach out to different people. This show really opened all that up and now it’s like all these people know me that didn’t know me before, and it’s been really crazy because it’s not just in Alabama where I’m from, but when I’m here in New York or wherever I’m at, people just recognize me and I think that’s just been incredible.

FOX411: What made you decide to propose during a live broadcast?
Galloway: Before “Dancing with the Stars” even called last Fall I was already looking at rings and thinking how can I make this a big experience for her when I propose? Because I like to go big. Then, when I was on the show I made the comment I would do it on the show and then a couple days later one of the producers was like, “Did you really say that? Do you want to do that?” I was like, “Yeah, I’ll do it.” So, we ended up doing it on the show and I was joking saying doing it live put more pressure on her so she had to say yes.

FOX411: Why did people give Erin Andrews such a hard time about the face she made?
She did. She kind of rolled her eyes and then she was smiling, and as soon as the cameras cut off she sat down and said, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this? I almost cried on national television.” She’s so sweet and then the next morning when all of that happened she called me into her dressing room and apologized to me. I said, “Why are you apologizing?” She said, “Because they’re stealing your moment.” I said, “That has nothing to do with you. People are acting crazy let them act crazy.” Erin’s amazing.

FOX411: Tell us about your foundation, No Excuses Charitable Fund.
Galloway: It’s been a little less than a year old. I have the No Excuses Charitable Fund and I’m working with the youth at the YMCA just south of Birmingham. I’ve been able to sponsor a lot of kids that didn’t have the money to play sports and now they are because of my charitable fund. I’m also working with Operating Enduring Warrior that works with veterans getting them to do races and fitness things that I do so that’s why I love what they’re doing. I’m about to take on a new group “Homes for our Troops” that builds houses for injured veterans. I’ve been excited about my charitable fund because now I can give back to so many different people and groups that have always supported me since my injury.

FOX411: Why were you able to not only keep going after your attack but flourishing?
Galloway: There were a few years that I gave up. It was my three kids that motivated me when I realized I can’t be this selfish. I have to think about them and that’s what motivated me to get moving. So, there was this few years where I several times just sat at home and I would drink and not do anything and it was fitness that pulled me out of that.

FOX411: What advice do you have to our servicemen and women who maybe struggling right now?
Galloway: There’s two things that I like to point out to veterans that are like myself that are out of the military now we’re still soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. We need to act accordingly. But secondly the biggest mistake during my depression that really dragged it on was I didn’t talk to anybody. I feel like more of us as veterans need to call our buddies and talk. You don’t have to talk and say there’s something wrong just call your buddy you served with or another veteran and start talking things will start coming out, and that’s what we need to do. We’re a band of brothers that needs to pull together and support each other, and if we need help we need to reach out and get it.