MTV VMAs, Miley Cyrus too naked for basic cable? 

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards was a night filled with risqué, barely there and nearly naked outfits from several of the night's attendees, including Rita Ora and FKA Twigs. But it was host Miley Cyrus, strutting her stuff in at least ten different provocative outfits, who showed off pretty much every inch of her skin. She shocked fans as she stepped out with her nipples barely covered with silver straps and  over the thigh silver boots.

Cyrus herself even suffered a nip slip as the cameras followed her to change into her final outfit of the night. Who knows if it was intentional, but we do know she was just being her normal Miley self.

As she held a curtain in front of her naked body, Cyrus went to grab a microphone resulting in her showing more than she and MTV bargained for.

“Oh what’s happening? Oh, sorry, my t--’s out!" she said.

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Throughout the evening, Cyrus rocked the night in a sequined jumpsuit, a bright pink strapped bra and pant suit and a white go-go cut out mini dress to just name a few things. FOX411 caught up with some attendees before the show and they seemed to love everything that Cyrus represented Sunday night. Singer, Jojo, praised Cyrus and her abilities as an entertainer.

“I’m expecting her to kill it,” she said.  “She's been doing this for a long time she has the talent and the experience and she's not afraid to do something controversial— so I like that.”

Kel Mitchell, star of “Kennan & Kel” and more recently the new Nickelodeon show “Game Shakers” was starstruck as he saw Cyrus.

“She’s a triple threat, so I don't know what she's gonna do,” he gushed. “I just saw her, she walked past me in a superhero outfit, like an avenger, so that was really awesome.”

One thing that's no secret -- Cyrus is not afraid to show off her body. She even posted a nude picture of herself on her Instagram hours before taking the stage. Captioning it, “When view da host so you gotta get to the vmas early AF!!!!!”

However, Cyrus’ wardrobe choices of the evening were not the only things to make headlines. She also announced her new album, “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” available online for free and performed one of her songs, “Do It” with the opening line of, “Yeah I smoke pot.” Earlier in the night she also took a selfie with some members of the audience and told them to shout, “Marijuana!”

Not surprisingly, the Parents Television Council was not pleased with the content of the show last night. The organization criticized the show in a statement sent to FOX411.

“MTV had an opportunity to use its powerful VMA platform to stir a young audience to aspire to something positive and uplifting. Instead they chose to perpetuate blatant sexualization – much of it self-inflicted by the artists – and to celebrate the use of illegal drugs."

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