‘Mom’ star Sadie Calvano: Playing pregnant teen 'best form of birth control ever'

At 17, most of us were preoccupied with high school, but one of the stars of the CBS comedy "Mom," Sadie Calvano, is set on conquering Hollywood. The teen actress talked to FOX411 about avoiding the pitfalls of early fame, and how playing a pregnant teen has impacted her own decision making.

FOX411: Is it difficult being a teen and working in a very adult world?

Sadie Calvano: I think it’s an honor to go and get to do what you love and play and call that a job, and I’m lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people that I get to go to work and play and do something that I’m so passionate about. So, I love doing what I do.

FOX411: What do your friends think about it?

Calvano: I’ve been fortunate enough to have almost all of the friends that I do now since I was in pre-K, so they’ve known me before and they’ll know me after. They’ve all been really supportive. A lot of my friends are in the arts but not a lot are actors so they’ve all been so supportive. It’s been so exciting for them. They get to come to our live tapings because we shoot in front of a live audience, and they all come and they get to meet my cast.

FOX411: Have co-stars Anna Faris or Allison Janney offered you any advice on how to handle the spotlight?

Calvano: Our job enables us to bring laughter to people’s homes and our job just happens to come with a lot of other things, but at the end of the day I’m an actor. It’s my job, and I have a lot of other things that keep me grounded and keep me normal, and I surround myself with people who I know will tell me “you need to stop!” You take it a day at a time and do the best you can.

FOX411: Your character gave up her baby for adoption last season on the show. Do you have teenage girls reaching out to you for guidance?

Calvano: It’s not only teen girls. The amazing thing is that very rarely do sitcoms really touch on these topics and to get to bring some laughter and to also bring up conversations in a safe way is something so wonderful, and since this story has aired I’ve had people come up to me and say, “Hi, I’m adopted,” or “Adoption is in my family,” or "I just gave my kid up for adoption and thank you so much for sharing our story.” I think it’s a story that isn’t told enough that is so relevant and happens more than we’re probably aware of.

FOX411: Is it difficult when you’re put in a position to speak on a topic when you’re just an actress?

Calvano: The hardest thing for me was when you’re being expected to tell a truthful story about something I really had no experience with, like I’m 17, by no means have I even gotten close to having a baby. It really just came down to doing my research and our show brought in a lot of doctors and I spoke to a lot of mothers, and I asked them a lot of questions, and I had to learn Lamaze and go to class, and what that entails. Best form of birth control ever.

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