Michelle Wolf mocks Melania Trump, jokes about the president abusing her

Michelle Wolf is at it again, this time with her sights set on Melania Trump and the recent speculation about her health following surgery.

Wolf opened the third episode of “The Break” on Netflix with a 10-minute monologue that covered the week’s events. She wrapped things up by talking about the first lady and commenting on rumors that her 25-day stint away from the public eye was an effort to hide plastic surgery or even domestic violence.

“After not being seen for 25 days, Melania has reappeared following her kidney surgery. Some people are saying this is Melania’s cover for plastic surgery, but I don’t buy that,” Wolf told her audience. “Her husband obviously loves her for who she is.”

The star continued by lamenting a reality where she would have to respect Melania as a “feminist icon.”

“Whatever really happened with Melania, I genuinely hope it doesn’t come out that Donald hurts her. One because that’s bad, and two then we couldn’t make fun of her anymore. We’d have to make her into this brave feminist icon and I don’t wanna do that!” she said before insulting her role. “I like making fun of Melania because she’s a bad first lady. She’s one of the worst we’ve ever had. I haven’t seen someone phone in this whole first lady thing since Betty Ford was still drinking.”

Wolf then went on to join the slew of comedians who joke that the first lady has no interest in her position and merely wanted to be a rich man’s wife.

“Melania you may have never wanted to be in this position but it’s your own fault that you are, you gold dug too close to the sun and now you’re burnt.”

The former “Daily Show” writer has made a name for herself by targeting the White House. Most notably, she caught some backlash for comments she made about Sarah Sanders at the White House Correspondents dinner. Additionally, she slammed Ivanka Trump in a recent interview.

Her series “The Break” drops new episodes on Netflix each week.