TMZ has obtained letters sent to Michael Lohan from his lawyers concerning Michael's attempt to put Lindsay Lohan under the control of a conservatorship, and wouldn't you know it,  Britney Spears' name came up.

The letters make several mentions of trying to curb Michael's antics with the media, including his uninvited trip to the Betty Ford Center.

Lohan's headline-grabbing ways are deemed by his lawyer as being "against my express advice."

But when it comes to actually trying to get Lindsay under a conservatorship, that's when the Queen Conservatee comes up. The lawyer mentions a Dr. Stephen Marmer as having been used as an expert on Britney's case. But the lawyer concludes, "Frankly, I do not think he would agree to be retained as an Expert in this case."

It doesn't end there.

Dr. Robert Bilder, another doctor who worked on the Spears conservatorship was brought up: "He worked on the Spears Conservatorship and would be an excellent expert witness in this case."

Calls were made to both Dr. Marmer and Dr. Bilder -- we never heard back.

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