Lindsay Lohan’s professional life seems to be in serious trouble as a result of her tumultuous personal life, with some experts predicting it may take as long as ten years for her career to recover.

But Pop Tarts has learned exclusively that a new film production company is still considering hiring the troubled actress to star in an upcoming movie “Escaping the Game.”

Lohan apparently “expressed great interest” in the role months ago, but plans to move forward fell to the wayside when she was sent to jail in June for violating the terms of her 2007 DUI probation.

“From the title alone you can only imagine that this film is right up her alley,” the project’s writer/producer Nathan Folks told Pop Tarts exclusively. "We believe that Lindsay is perfect for the role, and because of her experience as a tormented starlet, she is ideal to play the role in this very high concept story. She has what it takes to pull it off.”

We’re told Lohan was “very interested” in the role, which would involve her channeling an Angelina Jolie-like character from “Salt” – a sexy ex-CIA agent stranded on a star-studded island, helping stars like herself escape the “game” of a crazy Hollywood living.

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And although many have said no bonding company will insure Lohan, Folks is not concerned.

"Studios have dealt with this problem for many years; the only difference now is that it’s more public because of the internet. Robert Downey Jr. had problems and he still was able to make films. You hire a full-time assistant that their entire job is to make sure the star does not do any drugs or alcohol during production,” he explained. “You put their salary in an escrow account for the entire duration of the production and when filming is completed to the satisfaction of the producer then you release the funds to the actor. In this situation I am putting up half of the funds for the film and then allowing the investor that puts the second half have of the money first out. It is a $10 million dollar film, financed easily, and everyone is happy.”