People can catch Jimena Sanchez on Fox Sports in Mexico every day talking about what she loves the most: sports.

But the 30-year-old anchor is now getting worldwide attention for her sexy Instagram posts that are appearing in articles in Europe, the United States and even China.

People have dubbed her the “Mexican Kim Kardashian.”

“(All the attention) is very weird,” Sanchez told Fox News Latino from Mexico on Wednesday. “I dedicate myself to other things, mainly talking about sports. Now they are comparing me to the Kardashians, which is not very far off because of the selfies.”

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The Veracruz-native, who has been modeling for about 7 years for her blog Mad Mamacitas, started posting on Instagram about two years ago. But it was only recently that she began getting worldwide attention.

“It’s one of my favorite social medias because you don’t have to write anything to share something,” Sanchez said. “I like the attention and what I do. If I didn’t like (taking pictures) I wouldn’t be doing it.”

In just two days, her followers on Instagram have grown from 352,000 to more than 369,000. On Facebook, she has more than 1 million "likes." She has almost a million followers on Twitter.

Her love of photography began when she started the blog, which is filled with photos of beautiful women, with a friend. She said she loves showing the beautiful places she visits – and why not, she said, make sure the photos are sexy.

“Photos are a way of showing what you are doing and what you love without having to say much,” she said. “I am going to continue to do it until I am well and able.”

As for the comparisons to Kim Kardashian – and wanting to dethrone her as the “Queen of Selfies” – Sanchez would only gush about the reality star.

“I can say that I am a fan of Kim Kardashian. I watch the show and I think they are very smart,” she said. “They don’t have any traditional talents – they don’t act, sing or perform – but they have worked to make themselves a sort of an icon in America.”

The Daily Mail had reported that Sanchez felt “embarrassed” the comparisons and the attention, but on Twitter she said that she never said that.

“When they asked me that, I said I feel a lot of ‘pena’ about what’s happening but that word can be easily confused,” Sanchez said.

She added: “To me she is a spectacular woman. She is beautiful and she an impressive body, so being told that I am sexier or that I resemble her; that for me is flattering.”

Sanchez said that while the attention over her photos is flattering, what she truly loves is her job, which allows her to talk about sports all day.

“Although Mexico is a huge soccer country, I am a huge fan of baseball. I love the Yankees and also basketball and American football,” she said. “It’s what I love. I say I have the best job in the world.”

Her other favorite teams are the Los Angeles Lakers, the Oakland Raiders and the Mexican soccer club Chivas, who she said were in a rut recently, but finally getting better.

Sanchez said since she was young, sports have been her thing.

“When other girls went to college, I stayed home to watch sports,” she said with a laugh. “I am a sports commentator and I love what I do. I also have the liberty to take the pictures as well.”

Sanchez added that she is likes being known as the “sexy sports girl” by other people.

“It would be silly for me to say it isn’t,” she said. “The truth is, I like it a lot because there are women for everything. Some can be reporters, some informative and others, like me, are there to entertain, to talk about sports. Sports are fun and why not fun in a sexy way.”

And she doesn't mind all the attention, though she did admit she was surprised by it.

"I like it," she said, "and I will continue to show my photos.”

As for tips for taking the best selfie: make sure to have good light and take several of them.

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