Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen settle interns' wage lawsuit for $140G

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have agreed to pay $140,000 to a group of 185 interns who claimed they were overworked, according to a new filing in Manhattan Supreme Court.

In the court filings obtained by the New York Post, the interns alleged they worked up to 50 hours per week for months at a time for the Olsen twins. Each intern will receive approximately $530 each and the remaining payout will go to their lawyers if a judge approves the agreement.

"It was like 100 degrees outside. I’d just be sweating to death," former design intern Shahista Lalani told the Post. She worked for the Oslen's The Row. "I probably carried like 50 pounds worth of trench coats."


Lalani said she rarely got a break and she and other interns

"You're like an employee, except you’re not getting paid," Lalani said. "They’re kind of mean to you. Other interns have cried. I’d see a lot of kids crying doing coffee runs, photocopying stuff."

The settlement includes interns who worked at the company since 2009.

A rep for the Olsens did not immediately return Fox News' request for comment. However, according to the New York Post, the former child stars said the deal was struck "avoid the uncertainties of litigation" according to the court filing.