Macaulay Culkin reprises 'Home Alone' role in new Google ad

Macaulay Culkin reprised his role as Kevin McCallister in the Christmas classic "Home Alone" in an advertisement for Google Assistant.

In the ad released Wednesday, 38-year-old Culkin got back into character as the witty 8-year-old. With the help of the Google Assistant, the actor helped to modernize many of the scenes from the 1990 film.

"Hey Google, what's on my calendar today?" McCallister asked, to which the virtual assistant replied: "You have one event called, 'House to yourself.'"

Recreating iconic scenes from the movie, McCallister shaved his face, jumped on the bed, and decorated the Christmas tree all while asking the assistant to set reminders for him. When McCallister gets pizza delivered, the Google Assistant helps him tell the worker: "Keep the change, you filthy animal."

Macaulay Culkin praised those behind the Google commercial, and said they did "a very good job on the set decoration and the props and all the shots were really spot on." (YouTube/Google)

McCallister later asked Google to start "Operation Kevin," in which the assistant performed a variety of function.


Culkin, in a behind-the-scenes version of the commercial, revealed that "It was interesting going back and doing all of this stuff. They do a very good job on the set decoration and the props and all the shots were really spot on."

In an interview on "The Ellen Show" earlier this year, Culkin told host Ellen DeGeneres that he doesn't often watch the two "Home Alone" movies in which he starred, and called them "background radiation at Christmas time."

He added that he turns fans down when they ask him to do the "face thing" -- a nudge to the scene where the character splashed aftershave on his face -- and joked, "Been there, done that already, guys. I'm like 37 now, OK mom?"