Lindsey Vonn's 'groin' joke makes J.J. Watt squirm

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J.J. Watt didn’t intend to be the highlight of the ESPYs red carpet, but Lindsey Vonn made it happen in the most mortifying of ways.

While doing a joint interview with ESPN’s Hannah Storm on Wednesday night, Vonn took a shot at Watt for being a no-show at her pool party. Grabbing his bicep, Tiger Woods’ ex sarcastically cracked he had to “pump some iron and do some photo shoots, and really cool things.”

Though both Watt and Storm got a kick out of Vonn’s sassiness, the seemingly innocent Q&A took an awkward turn after the sports anchor praised the defensive end for having an epic season despite sustaining several injuries. But before Watt got to thoroughly thank his training staff, Vonn jumped in to take credit where it wasn’t due.

“And lots of massages in the groin area,” she quipped.

Whether she said “groin” or “growin’,” the point remains the same. Vonn’s ballsy jab shocked Storm and a red-faced Watt, who both tried — and failed — to get the interview back on track.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post.