Lindsay Lohan's Christmas Video and Keith Schroeder's Toasted Penne

Here's what people are talking about today:

For the latest entry in their sexy Advent calendar thingy, LOVE magazine released a video of Lindsay Lohan writhing around in a cardigan and bra, sometimes on the floor. It's not yet known if LOVE produced the video themselves, or if they somehow obtained footage of Lohan after a late night of carousing.

We've already told you about but have you tried toasted pasta? Chef Keith Schroeder, the author of "Cooking Light: Mad Delicious," stopped by our studio to teach us It's safe to say we'll never eat un-bronzed pasta ever again.

Hilaria Baldwin shared another one of her zany #YogaPostureOfTheDay snapshots on Instagram, this time wrapping Christmas presents while standing on her head (below). She calls it a variation of the sirsasana pose, but we like to call it "a great way to show off your shapely buttocks."

Sharon Osbourne's yanked a loose false tooth out of her face during Tuesday's live taping of "The Talk," no doubt tricking many viewers into thinking they had momentarily switched to an old rerun of "Hee Haw."

According to sources for Page Six, Justin Bieber tried to pick up a woman in West Hollywood only for her to tell him that he looks like Ellen DeGeneres "in person." Furthermore, the sources say Bieber took her rejection poorly, maybe because he always fancied himself more of a Kelly Ripa lookalike.

According to sources for Us Weekly, Selena Gomez became an emotional wreck at Taylor Swift's 25th birthday party last Friday, getting all dramatic and shouting about ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. She eventually got herself under control, perhaps after somebody reminded her of Bieber's aforementioned resemblance to Ellen DeGeneres.

After Britney Spears' fit physique on the cover of Women's Health was questioned (some fans thought her abs had been Photoshopped), the magazine released a behind-the-scenes video that pretty much proves Brit is as fit as ever. Take a look below — they stopped just short of bouncing a quarter off her abs:

Earlier this month, British GQ ran a feature on "the world's 20 coolest women," which was basically a list of models and actresses that culminated with Kendall Jenner. So once again, they've neglected our grandma, inarguably the coolest women of them all. She had an affair with JFK, you know!

As they do every year, the Library of Congress has officially added 25 culturally significant films to their National Film Registry. Among the inductees are "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "The Big Lebowski," ensuring that future generations will know the joys of playing hooky and white Russians, respectively.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Gigi Hadid may have just announced she's been chosen as the latest Victoria's Secret Angel in a new Instagram post (below). But considering the nature of the (as yet unconfimed) announcement, she couldn't have possibly worn a less revealing ensemble unless she had access to a Gumby costume:

Tim Burton confirmed to MTV News that he will eventually direct a sequel to "Beetlejuice," and added that Winona Ryder is planning to return as well. On the other hand, he hasn't yet spoken to Michael Keaton about it, so this film may very well come out in 10 more years, when even less people will care.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake continued their unparalleled bromance in a camp-themed skit on Tuesday's episode of "The Tonight Show' (below). In it, the two compared body hair and sang Third Eye Blind's "Jumper" at the tops of their lungs, just like all guys do when nobody's looking.

And finally, Rihanna has been chosen as the newest creative director of Puma, where she will reportedly "oversee a women's line of clothing" for the company. But seeing as Rihanna herself has little use for clothing in general, we expect all of Puma's forthcoming offerings to feature mesh construction, crotchless cut-outs, and no allowances for undergarments of any kind.