Say good-bye to freedom, Lindsay.

Amid a chaotic media circus, troubled actress Lindsay Lohan arrived at a Beverly Hills court Tuesday morning to surrender for a 90-day jail sentence.

Lohan was scheduled to report to court at 8:30 a.m. PT, but arrived several minutes late, wearing sunglasses, jeans and a black jacket. Flanked by her lawyer, she walked briskly into the courtroom to face Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel, showing no reaction even as fans threw glitter on her.

While the exact length of her stay was unclear, it will likely be longer than the 84 minutes she spent at a suburban Los Angeles jail in 2006 and marks the beginning of a new phase of punishment for drug and alcohol cases filed that year.

A report from the Los Angeles Times said Lohan would likely spend just 14 days in jail due to overcrowding at the facility. Fox 411 confirmed that timeframe with a law enforcement official, who said the estimates are based on "state mandated good time [and] work time credit."

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On July 6, Revel sentenced the "Mean Girls" star to jail, three months in rehab and increased scrutiny by probation officials after determining the actress violated her probation by missing seven alcohol education classes since December.

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Lohan, 24, burst into tears after hearing the sentence, which came after she tearfully apologized to the judge for not strictly following the terms of her probation.

Following her arrival, Lohan was escorted into the courtroom before a scheduled transfer to a holding area to await transfer to Lynwood Correctional Facility.

As Judge Revel spoke with her lawyer, Lohan looked on with apparent disdain. Revel made a change to the terms of her probation following her release from jail, ordering her to report for rehab within 24 hours, rather than the previously scheduled two days.

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Her father Michael Lohan, who defended his parenting skills earlier this month in an interview with Fox News' Shepherd Smith, arrived at the court early Tuesday. Following his daughter's surrender, Lohan's lawyer Lisa Bloom said Michael Lohan was"devastated" that she was going to jail and would be "praying" for Lindsay.

Earlier in the week, he slammed Lohan's former attorney Robert Shapiro, who has since stepped down, for failing to file an appeal to keep the actress out of prison.

On Friday, Shapiro signed on to the case after Lohan moved into a sober living facility that he founded. By Monday night, the Los Angeles Times and celebrity website TMZ.com, citing anonymous sources, reported that Shapiro had resigned from the case.

Shapiro met with Revel in a closed meeting late Monday afternoon. The prosecutor handling the case, Danette Meyers, was not present and court officials said there had been no change in requirements for Lohan's surrender.

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In an e-mail to The Associated Press sent Monday evening after the meeting, Shapiro said his only comments would be made in open court.

Lohan, a prolific user of the microblogging site Twitter, posted a message roughly 12 hours before her court appearance referencing her looming incarceration.

"The only 'bookings' that I'm familiar with are Disney Films, never thought that I'd be 'booking' into jail eeeks," Lohan posted.

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The jail and rehab stints have left some of the actress' projects in limbo, including her planned portrayal of porn star Linda Lovelace in a biopic.

Once considered an up-and-coming star, Lohan has in recent years been better-known as a tabloid staple and for the criminal case she has struggled to put behind her.

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Her probation had to be extended for a year to give Lohan more time to complete her alcohol education courses and Revel ordered weekly attendance in December.

But the actress didn't complete the sessions as ordered and missed a court date in May, setting a stage for her return to jail. She is expected to serve her time — probably a quarter of her sentence or less — in isolation at a women's jail in the industrial suburb of Lynwood.

The facility has hosted several female celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Michelle Rodriguez, Khloe Kardashian and very briefly, Lohan.