From the publisher: Let Your Love Flow: Life and Times of the Bellamy Brothers is about two Florida cowboys who journeyed from country poverty to worldwide musical stardom because they had the talent and because it never occurred to them they couldn’t make it happen. It is written in their own words. Charming troublemakers, these two cowboys, but they had three things going for them that almost guaranteed their success in life, if not in music:


1. They came from a hard-working, close-knit family that believed in them and never failed them.

2. The two brothers, for brothers they are, had contrasting personalities and talents that complemented each other. Unlike many other show-business duos, these boys were close when they were young, stayed close throughout their rise to stardom, and remain close today.

3. They had the toughness and stamina to fight for their career in a music industry that is programmed to grind up artists like so much street garbage. The constant succession of defeats and victories they experienced were not exceptional for recording artists. It was the way these brothers fought and outlasted their tormentors that made them different.

This story is a great story to tell. Turn the page. They’re ready to meet you.