Laura Bell Bundy is known for many things. But right now the actress, singer and comedian, is all about her new film on DVD, "Home is Where the Heart Is," and her country music album. She spoke to FOX411 about all her exciting projects.

FOX411: Tell us about your new DVD "Home Is Where The Heart Is."
Laura Bell Bundy: It's an interesting story about love, family, and redemption, and you know, sometimes children raise us and that's essentially what happens to her.

FOX411: In the movie, you work with child actor Bailee Madison. Can you relate as a former child actor yourself?
Bundy: Working with Bailee, I saw myself in her. I started acting at nine years old here in New York. I did plays. I know what it feels like to feel a responsible adult on set but you're still a child and still expected to do what every adult is doing and at the level they are doing it at. I could tell she had that pressure, but I could also tell she just enjoyed acting, so I did connect with her on that level. I saw myself in her, and I think I was able to go, "What's the kind of adult I wanted to be around at nine years old?" And tried to be that for her.

FOX411: Do you think your show "Anger Management" on FX pushes the boundaries?
Bundy: I definitely think our show does push boundaries for a multi-camera show, it's a progressive one. We say things that you can say after 10 p.m. on FX. It's like a multi-camera and then all of the sudden there's the “B” word. It's a show that I would say is PG-13 or rated R depending on where you come from but we are talking about real issues and it's funny. It’s always funny.

FOX411: What’s it like working with Charlie Sheen?
Bundy: Charlie is a consummate professional. I love him. We've really connected throughout this process and I think we work really well together. I do most of my scenes with him and it feels like a tennis match where...it’s just fun...we have a really good time together and I've gotten to know him, who the real person is behind you know, everything that you see in the media. I know the very generous Charlie and the Charlie that comes to set with all of his lines memorized and he's hitting every joke and so I know that part of Charlie. I’m glad that’s the part I know.

FOX411: Your album “Another Piece of Me,” what’s that all about?
Bundy: I have an album coming out called “Another Piece of Me.” It's a very personal album. It's an album that does come from my heart and each song sort of represents a different piece of me or part of my life. I’ve decided to release the record in conjunction with the American Heart Association. I'm a heart disease survivor. I really would love to spread the word to people out there and especially to women that heart disease is the number killer for women. A lot of women don't realize that. So what I’m doing with this album is I'm releasing one song a month leading up to February starting in September. The first song will represent the letter H second song with represent the letter E, A, R, T and etc. I will be taking this time to really dedicate my efforts to spreading the word and bringing awareness to women ad encouraging them to lead a healthy life while I'm sharing a piece of heart which is my music.

FOX411: Are you just having fun doing all these different things?
Bundy: I consider myself an entertainer. A lot of people ask me, are you an actor? Are you a musician? I’m an entertainer. I love to entertain people and I like to spread joy and I like to feel joy from performing you know, it's an exchange of love. I just have fun. That’s my MO. I'm having fun and whether that’s doing a movie, a TV show, an album, and hopefully it makes people feel good.

Alison Pandolfo contributed to this report.